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The Scientists’ Warning Knowledgebase provides relevant, powerful learning resources geared to the individual, local, regional, national and global levels. The Scientists’ Warning Knowledgebase presents climate science, climate news, debunks, education, analysis, trending topics and discussion on how to begin your journey toward a knowledgeable, science-led approach to understanding the complex interrelated problems of our times for scientists and citizen scientists alike. Becoming a citizen scientist in the battle for climate justice will help save the planet.

The Scientists’ Warning Knowledgebase is an educational pathfinder that links scientists, researchers, students of all ages, and citizen scientists to the most relevant information and analysis on the many topics related to the global climatological emergency and the sixth mass extinction event underway.

Scientists’ Warning takes an evidence-based, regenerative and biophylic approach to reporting on these matters and their proposed solutions. Yale Climate Sciences as well as Oregon State University’s Alliance of World Scientists guides the subject matter followed at Scientists’ Warning. This work is intended to aid in providing education and discussion that shapes policy and decision-making internationally.

The Scientists’ Warning Knowledgebase aspires to answer the question “what can I do?” It also tackles the toughest questions about climate science and provides expert analysis. Start by watching a video introduction on how to be a better steward on Spaceship Earth.

There are many ways that we can act to intervene in the catastrophic trajectory that civilization is on to solve these complex problems. We often refer to these actions as �?interventions’ since we cannot solve many of these problems in the conventional meaning of the word (putting things back the way they were), but we can intervene to improve and at the very least, mitigate, them by taking right, just and swift action.

Whether you are interested in learning about how to be green, or to find out about the methane emergency, the melting Arctic, or ecological economics you will find these topics here. Scientists’ Warning will also consider adding your topic. Just email us with your request. You are invited to scan these topics and explore.

Scientists’ Warning strongly recommends beginning by reading “Drawdown” by Paul Hawken, which offers 100 of the most substantive solutions to global warming as a source of information.

The SW Knowledgebase is under development and growing. Check back often for updates.


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Health Impacts

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Extreme Weather

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