Julia Steinberger
Swiss-American-UK ecological economist, Professor Julia Steinberger researches and teaches in the interdisciplinary areas of Ecological Economics and Industrial Ecology. Her research examines the connections between resource use (energy and materials, greenhouse gas emissions) and societal performance (economic activity and human wellbeing). She is interested in quantifying the current and historical linkages between resource use and socioeconomic parameters, and identifying alternative development pathways to guide the necessary transition to a low carbon society.

She is the recipient of a Leverhulme Research Leadership Award for her research project ‘Living Well Within Limits’ investigating how universal human well-being might be achieved within planetary boundaries.


Rupert Read
Rupert Read is an Ecological philosopher and green activist. He is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia, an author, a blogger, and a climate and environmental campaigner. He is an author of over a dozen books. Many of his books focus on Wittgensteinian philosophy, others on the climate crisis, and others still on the intersection between the two.

Until recently, he was a frequent spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. Previously, he was a spokesperson, national parliamentary candidate, European parliamentary candidate and councillor for the Green Party of England and Wales. He also formerly chaired the ecological think tank Green House.

He has extensive experience arguing for the environment in media. He has written for The Guardian, The Independent and The Ecologist and many other newspapers and websites. He has also appeared as a frequent guest on Radio 4’s Free Thinking, BBC 2’s Politics Live and several shows on LBC Radio.


Irene Quaile
Scots-born journalist  Dr. Irene Quaile holds the following degrees First Class Hons MA and Ph.D from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. She has been specialising on the Arctic since 2007, when she made her first visit to Svalbard as part of an international media project for the International Polar Year and found herself “hooked” on the icy north. She was environment and climate change correspondent for Germany’s international broadcaster until November 2019.

Irene has traveled to the Arctic regions of Scandinavia, Alaska and Greenland, making radio and online features on climate change and its impact on ecosystems and people, and on the inter-links between the Arctic and the global climate. Irene has received several international awards, including environment gold awards from the New York International Radio Festivals and the United Nations. During a trip to the Alaskan Arctic in 2008, she created The Ice Blog.


Liz Boulton
Dr. Liz Boulton is a a new kind of professional in Emergency logistics (military & NGOs), Sustainable supply chain consulting, and Climate risk communication.

She is a military theorist, who places the climate and the environmental crisis as the ‘major threat,’ what she has defined it as a hyperthreat. Her research focuses around the question of ‘how’ does humanity respond to global warming and the ecological crisis?

She applies new philosophical constructs, fused with security planning fundamentals to develop concepts for a hyper-response, or ‘PLAN E.’ Her background is within the military, humanitarian sphere and sustainability and climate science sector.



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