Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision, Strategies, and Values
Scientists’ Warning Foundation works to help protect life and ecosystems on Earth by fostering an awareness of our responsibility as planetary stewards through evidence-based education and research.

The mission of the Scientists Warning Foundation is to represent scientists who are warning humanity of the rapidly increasing dangers of climate change and destruction of the ecology and habitability of planet Earth under the weight of society’s footprint. Fundamental to our mission is educating the public, private, and governmental sectors in the underlying economic, social and political issues that are driving the current existential crisis affecting all of humanity and Life on Earth.

Scientists’ Warning Foundation promotes science, and the scientists who are warning the World about the rapidly increasing dangers of climate change and the resulting destruction of the biosphere. We will strive ceaselessly to bring about a great change in humanity’s stewardship of the Earth in order to prevent irretrievable mutilation of our global home.

Our Vision
Our vision is for a planet on which we all accept, know and understand our place in the web of life. We will work to bring the science to all, so that all appreciate the need to balance well-being for all with climate safety and healthy ecologies, and economic and political systems that support this vision.

Strategies: Key Steps in Achieving Our Mission

  • Identify and educate others on interventions that may guide humanity
    towards a pathway that respects planetary boundaries and puts life
    before profit.
  • Raise the profile of Scientists Warning – specifically raise the profile of the three scientists warning papers and ensure these pieces of work are common public knowledge.
  • Ensure all decision makers are well informed – both about the critical state of the planet and the need for massive and fast action – and move to take rapid action.
  • Ensure the public have ongoing access to the latest agreed trends in climate science.
  • Give a voice to climate scientists through education and promotion.
  • Involve as many of the World’s scientific community as possible and bring the voices of World-renowned scientists and other experts to the fore.
  • Resist and correct fake news and unfounded climate crisis denial.
  • Create a sustainable platform for ongoing action – this includes both financial and personnel.

Our Values

  • Science first.
  • Facts over personal interest.
  • Speaking truth to power.
  • Standing up for what we believe and taking action.
  • Transparency.
  • Fairness and equality.
  • Collaborative and cooperative.