Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency (2019)

Approximately two years after the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity (2nd Notice) was released in 2017, an additional warning in the form of the World Scientists’s Warning of a Climate Emergency by William Ripple et al was been released. The paper opens with Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to tell it like it is.

The paper was also published in the prestigious journal BioScience, and is available here.

All Hands On Deck
In the following video, Dr. William Ripple discusses the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity one of the most talked about scientific articles in the world, endorsed by over 21,000 scientists worldwide. On Earth Day 2019, Dr. Ripple gave the following lecture at the ‘From Wolves to the Warning to Humanity: Facing the Environmental Crisis Through Science’ conference, to discuss the bold steps we need to take to mitigate climate change.

In the following video, David Suzuki presents the information from the original Scientists’ Warning to Humanity written in 1992:

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