On Taking Action

Scientists’ Warning is committed to take action in the fight to save our planet and our humanity. We understand, very clearly, that we have already crossed many climate thresholds that demonstrate there will already be severe ecological damage in the future, and in fact we are already experiencing these effects. We fully understand that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event and that humans are responsible for it. And we understand clearly that much of humanity still has not awakened to this imminent danger.

We also have a very clear understanding of what we are fighting. The forces of greed and authoritarian power have gained the upper hand throughout much of the world. While many might say that it has always been such, we live in times where not only do the historic inequalities between the rich and everyone else seem even greater, but we now know that those who control enormous wealth are also often those most responsible for the climate crisis we are now in.

Corporate forces demand that economies keep “growing” even when growing accomplishes little that benefits the majority of people; it only helps the “bottom line.” To heal our planet and our humanity we need a new economical model; one that prioritizes happiness and health, climate safety and healthy ecosystems, above unrestrained economic growth; one that allows for individuals, artists and entrepreneurs to profit from their work and become successful. But an economy that also recognizes that no one succeeds without the support of their community and society, and so it is fair and reasonable, and even moral and just, to return more to society the more you reap its rewards.

We also find ourselves fighting an enemy from within. Recently a movement has grown within the environmental community that is telling people – sorry it’s too late. These groups have come to be known as the anti-humanist or human extinction groups. People and groups associated with these movements tell people that it is too late and to give up and enjoy life because humanity is doomed – some have even predicted humanity will be gone in ten years or so.

Needless to say, the corporate powers that be have gotten behind this movement because it gives people and corporations permission to do nothing. We reject this nihilistic view because the science does not support it and because giving up is rarely the right approach to a problem. 

We rededicate ourselves to bringing awareness of these issues to the public. We will provide them with the warnings that scientists all over the world have been shouting for years. And we will provide actions that individuals can take to help in this fight. We are committed to fight the corporate and authoritarian forces in the world that have shown little regard for the state of our planet.

  • We commit to fight because our love for our planet demands it.
  • We commit to fight because our love of nature demands it.
  • We commit to fight because our love for humanity demands it.
  • We commit to fight because our children and our children’s children demand it.
  • We commit to fight because to do otherwise would be a selfish act.
  • We commit to fight because it is the right and moral and ethical thing to do.

We commit to fight, will you join us?