Discover Climate Analytics

Research Tools for Citizens Scientists and Skeptics
Scientists’ Warning invites everyone to become a global climate researcher, citizen scientist and skeptic. Part of being a citizen scientist means using the resources now
available at our finger tips in the Information Age to do climate
analysis. Data visualization has been called the future of science.

Here is a list of tools, dashboards, and resources, used at Scientists’ Warning
and beyond, which you can also use to do your own debunking, data
analysis, trends tracking, and more. These are just a few of the tools
that are now publicly available. Scientists and researchers everywhere
are using these tools to do analysis that will help us understand how
our planet works. Of course each tool has its limits, but it is
important to understand what they can do.

Get started on becoming a citizen scientists today. Begin with the Skeptical Science Resources & Debunking Handbook
to get a feel for scientific process, objectivity, skepticism, and
inquiry. Teach yourself or anyone about climate change with these NY Times Graphs.
Then try out some of the following dashboards, and tools to do your own
analysis. The Bloomberg Data Dash is highly recommended. Make a
bookmark and keep tracking trends over time.

Bloomberg Data Dash: A Live Climate Scoreboard for the World
are the numbers that matter. A difficult global transition is happening
right now, away from fossil fuels, deforestation, greenhouse-gas
pollution and melting ice. It can be measured with precision and
clarity. The processes described by this data dashboard are occurring on
a planetary scale, and yet our progress can be measured this minute, in
parts per million, in metric tons, in fractions of a degree. This is
Bloomberg Green’s guide to the worldwide goal of slowing and stopping
warming temperatures. This is a record of how far we have to go, and a
tool to assess how much we can change.”

Learn & Act With These Climate Analytics Dashboards: