Debunked: The Coming Ice Age

One very popular and perennial denial claim is the myth that winter is coming, or rather that there is a coming ice age. In this discussion we will debunk these climate denial-based myths. Other myths are also discussed such as the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) theory.

Debunked: The Methane Monster

“Even though a couple of Russian scientists have pushed this fear of a methane ‘burp’ [or monster] – is it a distraction from that country’s massive methane emissions from natural gas production and pipelines?” Or our own?” – Alex Smith

Debunked: GW Not Man-Made

Not only is global warming, aka climate change, one of the most important issues of our time, it is also one of the most fractious. The POTUS has called climate change a hoax and stepped out of the Paris Agreement against the people’s wishes. Behind him are many sophisticated denial campaigns with fraudulent science claims made by mercenary or paid scientists funded by dark money.

Debunked: The Climate Denier Campaign

Science Fact v. Science Fiction It has become popular to confound science fact wi
th science fiction. This maelstrom of propaganda fabricated from half truths littered with ambiguous data, now referred to as fake news, is showing up everywhere.